What Type of Training is Best For Me?

training Aug 14, 2020

There are many layers to an Irish dancer's performance much more than what we had 20 years ago.


Back then, the main focus was on technique, but the display of speed, sharpness, and power did not develop well until it's later years.


Today, our sport has transitioned into movements completed as fast and as powerful as possible, and with that change comes a great increase in the different layers of training that is needed to achieve this result.


Not only can this be overwhelming, but like anything new, it brings questions and confusion as to what training should be completed and how it should be done. 


RNH was created to provide training in all of these different areas and today’s blog is about exploring each type of training, what it is, and when you can complete it. 


Should you prefer to listen instead of reading, you can click here and listen to our podcast on this topic.


So let’s begin:


If we look at rugby or...

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