Should I Dance on an Empty Stomach?

nutrition Jun 18, 2020

As dancers it is important to stay fit, lean and healthy.


When doing research to figure out the best way to achieve that you may have heard that working out on an empty stomach can help you get there more quickly. Perhaps you’ve even tried it before.


Let’s just start out by saying, it’s certainly not for everyone. And just like with anything, there are pros and cons to consider.


Here, we're exploring the benefits and downsides of dancing on an empty stomach to help find what works best for you.


What is “fasted cardio”?


Fasted cardio refers to doing cardio workouts while your body is in a fasted state. Your body is considered ‘fasting’ when it’s no longer digesting food, usually between 3 to 6 hours after a meal.


When your body is in this state, insulin levels are low. Insulin breaks down glucose in your body, and glucose comes from food. This process is responsible for producing energy. Without...

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What You Should Eat (and Avoid) on Your Menstrual Cycle

nutrition Jun 11, 2020

Many women struggle throughout their menstrual cycle. Our hormones fluctuate all month and when it comes time for our period then things can feel totally out of whack.


From bloating, cramps, and indigestion to moodiness, headaches, and fatigue, we can all agree periods aren’t much fun.


But as dancers, our schedules don’t slow down just because we’re on our cycle. Practice, competitions, and staying in shape doesn't give us a break, regardless of what time of the month it may be.


The good news is there are some foods you can eat (and others you can avoid) to make your period far less intense, helping you perform at your best - year round.


Foods to Eat on Your Cycle


When it comes to the foods you should be eating while on your period, there are a few things to consider. You’ll want food that balances your hormones, provides enough iron and magnesium, and that will offset any cravings you may have.



Leafy Greens


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Protein Powders - Which One Should You Choose?

nutrition Feb 13, 2020

It’s not always easy to get the amount you need through diet alone. Especially for those of you who are younger, busy or generally just don’t like to eat as much as you need. Thankfully this is where protein supplementing comes in.


Protein Powders Make It Easy to Get Enough Protein

This is because they are cheap to buy, even easier to drink, and with a little creativity, you can even blend one into a smoothie with milk, meaning you can make it even more enjoyable than eating food itself!

If you are not hitting your daily protein requirement through food, then I recommend getting the rest through protein powder, and drinking it directly after your workout!

Each serving contains around 20 to 25 grams of protein. So by mixing just one serving with water or milk, it would ensure you’ll achieve your daily requirement of protein.

Now before we look at the types of protein powders you can get I want to make one thing clear:

Protein Powder is NOT Bad for You and...

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Why Protein Is Vital For Recovery!

nutrition Feb 06, 2020

To recover well from your dancing sessions, it’s essential to get enough protein. In this article, you'll discover why that’s the case. Plus, you'll find out how you can ensure you hit your daily protein needs.


Why is Protein Vital for Recovery?


When you dance you can cause small tears in your muscle fibers, something we call “muscle damage.” This ‘damage’ is the exact reason why your muscles may feel sore the day after class.

Now, while the word “damage” may sound negative, muscle damage is actually a really good thing. That’s because your body will repair that damage when you rest. Plus, it’ll strengthen your muscles to prepare them for a similar stimulus in the future.

In other words, muscle damage is what triggers your muscles to adapt to your workouts and that’s why it helps you become a better and well-conditioned dancer. 

To repair that muscle damage, however, your body needs to have access...

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