Strategies To Overcome Mental Pressures

mental health mindset Jul 10, 2020

Training in Irish dance while navigating the roller coaster of “growing up” can be tough. There’s a lot of pressure to deal with and you might be struggling to cope.


If this is the case do not worry - I was in this exact position during my dance career and so today, we’re going to cover some strategies to help you overcome all of these pressures you will face.


Stage Pressures


Do you get stage fright before a big competition? Are you struggling with performance anxiety? Even if you’re fine class, nerves can play tricks on us when it’s time to hit the stage. Here are some tips to help you manage any nervousness or anxiety before a performance. 


Trust Your Training


Most of the time when we worry about something, we’re thinking only of all the things that could go wrong. What if I fall? What if my injury comes back? What if I don’t nail my set? 


Instead, it’s important to trust your...

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