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1 year of access

Even though the course lasts for 12 weeks, you will have up-to 1 year for access to your lessons.

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The Majors Academy provides close to 100 training lessons and up-to 70 hours of learning.

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All of are coaches are experts in the areas of dance, fitness, mindset, and judging performance.


Dear dancers!
2020 was the worst year for competitive Irish dance in my lifetime. Competitions cancelled, schools closed and routines ruined.
I got asked questions daily
Can I get back on track in time for my next competition? 
Will I have lost too much progress to gain it all back? 
How do I get back on track after this?
The answer lay with having the right plan of action,

and that’s why we created the RNH Majors Academy. 

The Majors Academy is a 12 week program to success. If you need to improve your performance, or need to rebuild your mind to match the performance you already have within you, then this course is for you.
Taught to you by Lauren Early, Alliyah O’Hare, Rebecca Smith (Mindset Performance), John Heinzman (ADCRG), & Maura Gray (ADCRG).
This strong group of coaches, (alongside your dance teachers) can boost your performance in the fastest time possible so that you can deliver on your big day.
Of-course we cannot do the work for you, but once you enter our program, and once you commit, you will join hundreds of other dancers in our community who are all working hard towards their dreams, and the likelihood that your performance will improve becomes much greater.
Infact, in our last two courses, the RNH Junior and Senior academies, every single dancer who completed the course ALL improved from their starting results. That’s a 100% improvement rate from over 1500 graduated dancers! 
We work with hundreds of dancers just like you who put in the work prior to stepping on stage and are just not satisfied with their results - Introducing the Majors Academy!

Whats Inside The Program?


Weekly Dance Technique Classes

Our classes are divided into three different monthly phases with each phase working on a different aspect of dance technique and execution.  Our goal across the 12 weeks is to breakdown your technique and build it back up stronger than ever before.


Weekly Strength & Fitness Sessions

If you want to be more powerful on stage then you absolutely need to increase your strength! These 12 weeks of training are designed to take beginner level strength and develop it to a high level, specifically for an Irish dancers needs. 

Weekly Mindset Performance Coaching

No matter how physically trained you are the actual performance will depend on your mental attitude on the day. This is why Rebecca, our mindset performance coach will be taking you through a progressive 12 weeks of bulletproofing your mind.


Monthly Judging Advice

What better way to prepare for stage competition than to ask the judges themselves what they are looking for? At the end of each phase our judges will educate you on exactly what you need to deliver on stage and how to go about capturing all of their attention.


Stage Presentation

After each judging interview, we take their advice and tips and go directly into a stage presentation lesson. Here we practice everything the judges are highlighting such as walking on, standing tall, and being as dominant as possible.

Content Breakdown:

Here is what’s inside the program that you will get:
- 24 dance technique lessons spread across the 12 weeks. 
- 24 at-home strength and fitness sessions spread across the 12 weeks.
- 12 full mindset coaching sessions with theory tasks to be completed each week.
- 3 monthy stage presentation lessons, all placed at the end of each phase to improve your walk on presence.
- 3 monthly coaching interviews with top judges on what captures their attention on stage.
- Weekly ice bath / cold water therapy training to be completed at home.
- Electronic Certificate of Completion
Before you start your program you will need to have a structure. That’s why in one of the first lessons you will be taken through your weekly schedule so that you know exactly what class to complete and when.
We leave plenty of room for your main dance classes and our lessons will be added to your calendar only after your main dance days have been added in. Rest will also be a priority and placed on your mindset training day so that you can use this to relax the body and strengthen the mind.
Even though the program is 12 weeks in length, you will be given 24 weeks to complete it automatically and up-to 52 weeks if required. This allows for extra time for any unforeseen delays that may come up.


Along with receiving access to the Major's Academy we will also be including 6 months free access to RNH on-demand classes as bonus content for you. 

  • 6 months access to over 100 classes across 7 different training categories.
  • On-demand content means play any lesson you like, at a time you want.
  • The Majors Academy is a set 12 week structure, and RNH on-demand access will give you extra content for before your 12 weeks begin, or once your 12 weeks are over.
  • Monthly interviews to watch and dance challenges to complete.

Improve Your Performance - Risk Free!

We would never want paid for anything we do not provide value on, and so all of our courses and classes come with a 60-day money back guarantee. 
This means that you can try out the RNH Majors Academy today and if you do not feel like your performance is improving after 60 days then email us at [email protected] and you will receive a full refund. 
Either your dance performance gets better, or you don’t pay a penny.

4 Different Ways To Access!


All RNH content is accessible and streamed across the following platforms:

  • RNH Website
  • RNH Members App
  • Roku Devices
  • Google Chromecast

This means you can access all of our content directly from your living room!

Final Summary

Here's what you are getting today:


6 month access to the RNH Majors Academy (VALUE £149)
12 weeks of mindset coaching (VALUE £500)
6 month access to RNH On-Demand (VALUE £204)
Personal discount code for RNH Stagedesigns Solo Dresses. (Value £100)
Personal welcome video / Christmas video from Lauren & Alliyah
7 day per week access to our support team
60 day money back guarantee


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Today, you pay £149 only!

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